Mt Zion Baptist Church

Creating A Christ Centered Community


Evangelism Ministry

The evangelism ministry is an outreach that every member of the church body is called to take part in. The evangelism ministry is focused on spreading the Gospel message around the world and winning lost souls.

Prayer Ministry

The prayer ministry is the heart and soul of the vision for the church. Intercessory prayer takes place seven days a week, 365 days a year. The prayer ministry intercedes on behalf of the church body, community, and the world.

Training Institute

The training institute exists to educationally equip persons who are unemployed or underemployed by equipping them with the skills necessary to find gainful employment.

Christian School

Mount Zion operates a school approved by the Maryland State Board of Education.  The school trains the leaders of tomorrow by providing a qualitative educational curriculum for students in nursery, elementary,

Church Saturday/Sunday School
Mount Zion operates its church outreach program for the children on Sundays. There are Bible classes, tutoring sessions, educational, and recreational trips.

Family Life Center
The Family Life center provides seminars, workshops and classes dealing with developing parenting skills, building strong marriages, achieving personal growth, coping with divorce, raising teenagers, handling teen pregnancy, and overcoming drug addiction.

Finance Ministry
Mount Zion is committed to the economic empowerment of its members and the community. The church sponsors regular financial seminars on investing, debt elimination, credit management, small business development, entrepreneurship, stewardship, and home ownership.

Missionary Outreach
The missionary outreach ministry exists to assist those in need both domestically and internationally. This ministry seeks to serve the homeless, widowed, elderly, impoverished, unemployed, and those lacking the resources needed for survival.

Prison Ministry
The prison ministry is a ministerial outreach designed to set the captives free. The prison ministry aims at transforming the lives of those that are incarcerated by teaching them about the love of Christ and his redemptive purpose.

Youth Ministry
Mount Zion’s Youth Ministry consists of evening Bible Study, Saturday night worship services, recreational activities, youth conferences, and trips for the young people in the community. Friday evening basketball and movie nights are held throughout the entire year.

Health & Wellness Ministry
The health & wellness ministry of the church exists to address the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs of individuals and families. Physical and 
emotional wellness can occur through prayer, counseling, laying on of hands, conventional medicine and by adopting healthy lifestyle habits.

Men & Women’s Ministry
The men and women’s ministries helps to develop godly men and women who effectively serve Christ in their homes, workplaces, and communities.