Mt Zion Baptist Church

Creating A Christ Centered Community

School Vision/Mission


Mount Zion is preparing students to be Christian leaders.
Mount Zion is a private, Christian school and it is our vision to provide an educational program that will develop students spiritually, academically, socially, financially and physically.

In addition, the school encourages the development of Christian leader’s mindset in our students as we encourage them to know God, perform their best academically, plan a successful future, have the courage to stand for what is right and help to make a godly difference in the lives of others.

Our Mission

Our mission to develop the whole child in the same areas in which Jesus grew.

 As a child Jesus grew in wisdom, intellectually; in favor with God, spiritually; in favor with man, socially and emotionally and in statue. Luke 2:52.

It is our goal to develop the whole child. From Luke 2:52, we learn that as a child. Jesus grew intellectually, spiritually, socially and physically. Following the example of the growth and development of Jesus Christ, our vision is to provide an educational program that will develop our students in the same areas.

The educational program provides opportunities for students to grow as they are:
            1. Academically challenged to perform their best;

            2. Spiritually developed as they are taught the stories, principles and plans of God;

            3. Socially equipped to demonstrate appropriate social skills, and to have an image of success in their dress and speech;

           4. Emotionally encouraged to appreciate their racial heritage and to demonstrate mentally healthy behavior;

           5. Physically encouraged to participate in activities to develop their bodies. 

            These students are young; their futures are before them, and the call of God is upon them. Mount Zion has not only academically challenged these students; we have planted the thoughts of God in their hearts. We exerted tremendous energy to fulfill the Vision and Mission.

            If this training continues, these students will be “a light to the world.”

                        “Preparing Godly Leaders to Make a Difference in the World

We are living in a time in history in which most people are living by their own thoughts and feelings. People are doing what is right in their own eyes. They are too busy to be still and  hear from God.

Dissatisfaction and conflict are ruling our relationships, our homes, our communities and the world.

God is searching for young people who will go forth into our society with knowledge, skills, discipline, moral convictions, a sense of identity, direction and a strong, transmittable presence of the Holy Spirit to make a difference.

It is God’s plan that these students go forth into the world to make a godly difference. They are to show their love for God by achieving success, setting an example that others can follow and helping to improve the lives of people in their communities, in their churches, and in our world.

            These students are to live by the love and principles of God and provide the leadership that will bring God’s rule back to the earth. They will help to make this world become a better place to live as they live by God’s principles, achieve success and influence others to follow them.

Jesus made the world a better place as he helped others to love God and each other. He freed people from the captivity of ignorance and sickness. He came and gave life abundantly to all who followed Him. His final instruction to his followers in Matthew 28: 18-20 were:
Go into all the world and teach the people to be disciples.
Teach the people to observe and do,
all that I taught you to observe and do.

        Jesus told them to reproduce His life and His example!

We are training our students to follow this Great Commission in Matthew 28, and reproduce the life of Jesus on the earth!

The world will be a better place if the students find and pursue the call of God for their lives.

The Mission of Mount Zion is to help prepare young people to become Leaders who will do His work.

                   God’s Work is recorded in Bible As Christians, we are to put the thoughts

  • Give good news to the poor – the unfortunate, the disadvantaged
  • Heal the brokenhearted -the hurt, the disappointed, the depressed
  • Proclaim freedom to the prisoner -drug addicted, abused,
  • Give sight to the blind  – the physically blind, those who lack knowledge
  • Set the oppressed free – those who suffer injustice
  • Feed the hungry
  • Clothe the naked
  • Enlighten minds of those who lack knowledge


God is searching for young people who will love Him, want to hear his voice, know His thoughts, possess His Power and are willing to go forth into our society and make a godly difference in the lives of others.

Our world, our race, our families, our communities, our churches, our children and youth suffer with problems and obstacles. We need people who possess the wisdom and power of God along with strong academic training to resolve issues and help make changes according to God’s instructions.  

Each of us has different talents, different dreams and different destinations, yet we all have the power of God to make a better world!


AT Mount Zion:
“God is preparing His Heroes (Leaders)
                   And the Time will come
                   When they will appear and
                   The World will wonder
                   Where they come from”  A. W. Tozer