Mt Zion Baptist Church

Creating A Christ Centered Community

School Enrollment Criteria

Mount Zion seeks to develop students: *Academically, students are challenged perform their best.

*Spiritually, they are to put in action the principles of God that they are taught.

*Socially, they are taught appropriate manners and encouraged to use them. 

*Emotionally, they are helped to understand their behavior and aided in their understanding of their racial and spiritual identity.        

*Physically, students are provided the opportunity to participate in physical activities and taught how to develop a healthy body.

Nursery and Kindergarten Assessments

3 and 4 years old Nursery school students are assessed by working with colors, shapes, numbers and letters. They are assessed for their readiness for a structured instructional program, and
must be fully potty trained.

5 year old Kindergarten students are assessed for their knowledge of numbers, letters, sounds and shapes.
Nursery and Kindergarten Admission Criteria
Students that show interest in learning activities by paying attention, following directions and cooperating with staff meet the criteria for admission. Results are shared with parents after the assessment.

   Nursery & Kindergarten Admission

  1. Student cooperates with staff.
  2. Student shows an interest in instructions.
  1. Student demonstrates the interest and attention span to function in an age-appropriate instructional program.
  2. Parents agree to cooperate with the basic teachings of the Christian faith,  the school parent agreement, school policies and regularly attend a Bible teaching church.

Nursery Enrollment and Registration
After assessment, an interview is arranged to discuss school information and to begin the enrollment. procedures.

       Elementary Student Assessment
Elementary school students are assessed for their reading, writing, and mathematic skills. After the assessment, an interview will be scheduled to share the results of your child’s assessment, discuss school information and answer your questions.
        Elementary Admission Criteria

  1. Student’s Math and Reading instructional level is grade level
  1. Student’s conduct history meets school standards.
  1. Students receive favorable recommendations from the previous school or teachers.
  1. Parent Agreement

Parents agree to cooperate with the basic teachings of the Christian faith, the school parent agreement, school policies and regularly attend a Bible teaching church.

Elementary Enrollment
After the assessment has been completed, an interview is arranged to share the assessment results, to discuss school information, and to begin the enrollment procedures if the criteria are met.