Mt Zion Baptist Church

Creating A Christ Centered Community

The History and Perspective of Mount Zion Baptist Christian School

Mount Zion Baptist Christian School is a private, Christian school that came into existence in 1988 to help prepare a small group of Christian young people for leadership.

Our educational program exists in a nurturing, Christian environment that seeks to form a close connection between our students, the teachings of God and academic achievement.

It is our goal to develop the whole child. From Luke 2:52, we learn that as a child Jesus grew intellectually, spiritually, socially and physically. Following the example of Jesus’ growth and development, our vision is to provide an educational program that will develop our students in the same areas.

Our educational program provides opportunities for students to grow as they are academically challenged to perform their best; spiritually developed as they are taught the stories, principles and plans of God; socially equipped as they are encouraged to display appropriate social skills, and portray a public image of success in their dress and speech; made emotionally aware as they are encouraged to discover their identities, appreciate their heritage and demonstrate mentally healthy actions and participate in physical activities.?

“Preparing Godly Leaders

It has always been the plan of God that the earth operates by His rule. He created men and women to populate the earth, live in peace and harmony and rule the earth.

We are living in a time in history in which most people are living by their own thoughts and feelings. Dissatisfaction and conflict are ruling our homes, our communities and the world. God is searching for young people who will go forth into our society with knowledge, skills, discipline, moral convictions, a sense of identity and direction and a strong, transmittable presence of the Holy Spirit.

These persons are to live by the love and principles of God and provide the leadership that will bring God’s rule back to the earth. They are to make the world a better place as they live by God’s principles, achieve success and help to improve the lives of others.

Jesus made the world a better place as he helped others to love God and each other. He freed people from captivity, ignorance and sickness. He came and gave life abundantly to all who followed Him.

Jesus’ final instruction to his followers in Matthew 28: 18-20 were:
Go ye into all the world and teach the people to be disciples.
Teach the people to observe and do, all that I taught you to observe and do.
Jesus told them to reproduce His life and His example!

It is God’s plan that these students go forth into the world to make a godly difference. They are to show their love for God by achieving success, living lives that others can follow and helping to improve the lives of others in their communities, in their churches, and in our world.

We are training our students to follow the Great Commission in Matthew 28, and reproduce the life of Jesus on the earth!